Teaching is a profession that offers rewards and challenges like no other. Whilst it’s not a job for everyone, if it is the right job for you it can give you enormous satisfaction as you make a real and meaningful difference to the lives of the young people that you work with each day.

We all know that our teachers play a vital role in shaping us, and if the chance to support the growth of young people appeals to you, you should consider completing your Initial Teacher Training (ITT) through a School Direct route with us at Think North East.

Our teacher training programmes are underpinned by the Core Content Framework, which is embedded into all of our ITT courses. Subject pedagogy (how to teach the subject for understanding) is explored through our innovative Professional Opportunities for Development (POD) model, which sees trainees working in partnership with partner schools and Durham University.

This provides trainees with the 'best of both worlds' - opportunities to work with research relevant university professionals with an abundance of experience in teacher training, and school practitioners who are experts in current classroom practice and delivering the National Curriculum.

Supported Every Step Of The Way

The duration of the teacher training course is one academic year and comprises two placements. You will complete one longer placement at your host school, with a second, shorter placement, in another partner school. This guarantees that you test your teaching skills in different environments, going beyond your comfort zone.

In each teaching placement, you will undertake a range of lesson observations, witnessing excellent classroom practice, and effectively cultivating the skills needed to plan and deliver effective learning sequences for students in your subject area.

Throughout your time with us as School Direct trainee, you will be supported by a Subject Mentor who will guide you in developing your practice day to day. Subject Mentors are seasoned professionals who are highly immersed in everyday school life. This allows our trainees to quickly pick up the skills of the trade during their postgraduate teacher training programme.

PGCE from Durham University

Alongside your in-school training you will benefit from approximately 60 days of training delivered by Durham University, allowing you to take advantage of the university’s academic and research expertise.  

Successful completion of the initial teacher training programme at Think North East leads to the award of Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), with 90 credits.

This training is organised as three modules, providing an opportunity to explore issues relating to teaching and learning through lectures and seminar groups.

1. Professional Opportunities for Development (POD)

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Durham University’s innovative Professional Opportunities for Development (POD) programme enables trainees to participate in training led and delivered by Sedgefield Community College, working in partnership with other local secondary schools.  

This provides an invaluable opportunity for trainees to see first-hand how educational theory is applied in practice in a range of real-school contexts.

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2. Research-Related Professional Practice

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These sessions explore classroom-based issues and examine techniques for making each subject accessible and stimulating in a classroom environment.

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3. Teaching and Learning in the Curriculum

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This module draws on the international research expertise within Durham University’s School of Education.

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4. Self-Directed Study

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This module is orientated towards your subject specialism and draws on your experience from school visits and small-scale action research.

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Subjects We Offer

All of our programmes are accredited by the Department for Education and will equip you to teach in your specialist subject in Key Stages Three and Four (ages 11-16). Successful completion of the course will provide you with a recommendation for Qualified Teacher Status (QTS), awarded by the Department for Education, and a PGCE, awarded by Durham University.

Regardless of your subject, our School Direct teacher training course ensures that you are supported from day one by our fantastic professional mentors. As a Think North East trainee, you will receive a well-balanced mixture of theoretical knowledge from one of the best universities in the world, and immediately apply theory in practice, effectively developing your teaching acumen.

— To learn more about initial teacher training, visit this Get Into Teaching page about steps to become a teacher;

— To learn about fees, please visit this Durham University page;

— To learn about funding, please visit this Get Into Teaching page.