Think North East is a partnership led by Sedgefield Community College, working closely with a number of other successful schools.  

Using this route, we offer initial teacher training placements in schools located across County Durham, Sunderland, and Newcastle upon Tyne. Where other teacher training providers might see you placed in schools located far and wide, we can work with you to ensure you are placed in schools that allow you to carry out your other commitments throughout your teacher training course.



All schools in the Think North East School Direct partnership share one vision: to ensure we provide the highest quality training possible for people choosing to enter the teaching profession. Regardless of in which schools you train, you will be highly supported in developing as a skilled teacher on your way to a Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

As our name suggests, we are a partnership with a shared commitment to giving careful thought to all aspects of our initial teacher training programme. We strive to develop teachers who are able to think critically and creatively about their practice in order to make rapid progress in their role as a teacher.

Receive First Class Support

In every teaching placement throughout your training, you will be supported by highly experienced professionals (Subject Mentors) who will help you hone your teaching practice, rather than by university lecturers who may not be as involved in everyday school life.

University of Sunderland Qualification

After completing your training, you will be awarded a highly-regarded Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) from the University of Sunderland - a Top 50 UK University.

A Perfect Mix of Practice & Theory

Looking to step into the classroom from day one? Or spend time plunging into academic theory? With our route, you don’t have to choose between the two. Your postgraduate teacher training will be an ideal combination of theory and putting it into practice in a real school setting.

Dedicated Teaching & Leadership Centre

You can take advantage of our new state-of-the-art Teaching and Leadership Centre at Sedgefield Community College, where you can connect with future school leaders, share best practice and learn collaboratively. The £3.2 million centre opened in September 2021, offering teacher trainees the opportunity to learn in the immersive setting of an Outstanding school.

Choose Where You Want to Be Placed

Your placement school has an immense impact on your experiences with the initial teacher training course and your career thereafter. At Think North East, you can take the matter into your own hands and choose a school that is a perfect fit for you. If you’d like to visit one of our schools before applying, please get in touch.

Become a Part of The Community

At Think North East, we treat our teacher trainees as equals and active participants of the community. You will form a lasting network of exceptional teaching professionals, connect with families, as well as witness the impact you are creating on children’s lives throughout your training.